March 29, 2009

Bare Bronze Radiant Shimmer Eye Palette - Heat Mirage

Spring Break!!! Finally.... I think I'm going to write a lot of reviews and just post one each day so you guys don't think I'm on hiatus or anything =). As you can see, I have a new layout! It looks more spring like. So this review is for Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze Radiant Shimmer Eye Palette in Heat Mirage. I bought it during their semi-annual sale in January I think.

Product: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Price: $19.50 at Victoria's Secret .28 oz. But I bought it for $4 at the annual sale =)!!!!

According to the Victoria's Secret Website:
What it is:
"Five metallic shades for a variety of sultry looks."

What it does:
"Worn dry for a soft, shiny finish or wet for a bold metallic look. Can also be used on cheeks or as a face bronzer"

Other Colors It Comes In:
Click HERE to see all the colors
The website only shows the palette in Desert Night so I don't know if they still have Heart Mirage on sale.

The Colors on the Palette:
1st - Shimmery beige/golden color (highlight)
2nd - A tan shimmery color (lid)
3rd - Shimmery copper
4th - Super bright shocking magenta
5th - Dark brown, not as shimmery as the other colors (crease)

My Thoughts:
I personally only use it as an eyeshadow because of my acne-prone skin. I don't use any foundations, concealer, bronzer, or blush because everything breaks me out. That's why most of the makeup I own in concentrated towards the eyes and lips. But hey, it saves me a lot of money =)! Anyways, I use the tan color all over my lid to go to school. I don't use eyeshadow everyday, but when I do I usually use this color or a color from my E.L.F Butternut quad. If I add any other colors, it is shimmer overkill! If I'm using the beige color as a highlight, I have to use a matte lid color. The crease color isn't too shimmery so I can make good use of it. This palette is wonderful in my opinion and I got it for only $4!!! You can also use the eyeshadows wet for a metallic finish. I use the metallic finish for formal occasions. I haven't used the copper color, but the magenta color is gorgeous! Sometimes when I want a bright eyeliner, I use the magenta with an eyeliner brush to line my top lid. Next time there's a sale, go buy this palette!!! It's not worth $19.50.
The pigmentation is okay... not wonderful. Sometimes I get more shimmer than color.