July 9, 2008

ROXY Wristlet

I've been using this new wristlet for about a week now, since my other one was torn up and disgusting. I haven't even taken my purse around ANYWHERE the entire week! All I've used is this wonderful, spacious, cute wristlet =).

I absolutely LOVE the pattern and the cute Roxy logo.

Zipper! I don't know why there is a huge white square up there.... oh well...

Inside of the bag.

So this fits my phone, chapstick, lip gloss, blotting sheets, gum, etc. The only thing it doesn't fit is my wallet... which is the thing I need the most! So I'm trying to find a smaller wallet. There is also a front pouch where I keep my lip balm and lip gloss in. Don't want to put anything that might fall out in there! For the wallets, I'm thinking of buying a Billabong one or a Fossil one. Links below. Tell me what you like! Thx.



JennBee said...

Very, very cute bag!

And while the Fossil wallet looks smaller, the Billabong is prettier, IMO. :)