July 14, 2008

Fashion Tip - A day at the mall look.

Other than makeup, I absolutely LOVE clothes. I have to balance my budget between makeup products and clothing/accessories. Darn! I heard about this site called Polyvore where you can make your own outfits so I thought I'd share some of my creations once in a while. These posts will be called "fashion tips". Yesterday, I spent most of my day at the mall helping my friend get ready for her birthday party. Here is a good outfit for a day at the mall. Nothing fancy, you want to be comfortable walking around all day!

Yup, so there's the outfit. I don't think you can buy that bag from American Eagle anymore, but something similar. A simple tee with a black cami and jeans. The bracelets are SUPER cute and match the t-shirt exactly! You can buy the bracelets at Pac Sun. I saw them yesterday and was tempted to buy them, but decided to save some money. Lol. Simple flip flops and earrings to top it off. For makeup, I just wore my new Neutrogena's Weightless Volume Mascara (I LOVE IT SO FAR!! Review coming soon) and some lip gloss. The one in the picture up there is called Frozen Daiquiri from Bath and Body Works. I don't own that one, but my sister does and she loves it =).


Yoselin said...

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