July 13, 2008

Covergirl and Milani Eyeshadows

I've never done anything too drastic with my eyeshadow. I usually do a neutral look because it fits the occasion no matter where you go. The only neutral eyeshadow I have is covergirl's eyeshadow quad in Sheerly Nudes. The name is quite fitting to this product because it is VERY sheer. It may take many applications to get the color you want. I don't know if all their quads are like this because this is the only one I own. It does the job for me though because I like a simple look for a normal day. Sometimes I mix it with my Milani eyeshadow in Taffy. I'll try to post a look, but I don't think it will show up.

Milani single eyeshadow in Taffy and Covergirl's Eye Enhancer quad in Sheerly Nudes.


Milani single eyeshadow in Taffy (backside)

REVIEW for Covergirl's eyeshadow quad in Sheerly Nudes:

Product: 5/5
Quality: 3/5
Overall: 3/5
Price: $5-6 at drugstores or anywhere Covergirl can be found.

My Thoughts:
So, I do like this product, but I'm sure MANY people would be disappointed because of how sheer it is. It takes a few applications for a good amount of color to show. It is kind of flaky, but not overwhelming. It works for me for my everyday look, but I wouldn't repurchase this again. Maybe I just got too sheer of colors. I'm thinking about getting the Coffee Shop or Country Woods ones... have any of you tried those?

REVIEW for Milani's single eyeshadow in Taffy:

Product: 3/5
Quality: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Price: $2-3 at drugstores that sell Milani products. Target, K-Mart, etc.

My Thoughts:
This is a VERY pigmented eyeshadow, but I took 2 points off the product rating because it broke the very first time I opened it. I don't know if I was careless or what, but it broke, and it has broken numerous times after that. It only takes one application for a vibrant and rich color. I suggest buying these and they are very cheap!! I'm definitely buying more of these, but lately I can't seem to find them anywhere. I've been checking out my local Target a few times, but everytime I go they aren't there. They haven't been sold out, they just aren't there.

Note: These can fit into MAC and E.L.F pallets for those who want to depot these eyeshadows.

Well, tell me if you like, love, or hate these products!! Would love to hear from you! New blog I'm reading! http://barebudgetbeauty.blogspot.com go check her out!


JennBee said...

Aww, thanks so much for the link! You're making me blush! :)

Great reviews, too - I've also been trying to find Milani shadows, but I haven't seen them anywhere yet!!