June 28, 2008

Sally Hansen!!

Today, I went shopping at the mall and Victoria's Secret had their semi-annual sale going on so I bought 2 things. I got Bare Bronze liquid lip shimmer in Decadent Glow. It's a really deep brown color, but I really like it! It might be a bit too dark for people with lighter skin tones. Next, I bought Beauty Rush tropical cocktails body double mist in Mango Madness. Pics and reviews will come later!

More Sally Hansen items! At Target, I bought a french manicure pen in pure white, and I also got a nail polish in Almond Crunch. I love Sally Hansen's nail products sooo much!

French Manicure Pen: I don't think this product is very good at all... The polish comes off really easily, and it says it dries in 30 seconds, but it takes wayyy longer. You definitely have to put top coat on or else it will peel away. The polish also doesn't go to the tip of the pen so its really hard to get even lines. Don't recommend at all!!!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Polish in Almond Crunch: This is such a pretty color!!! It is like a brown maroon color with golden shimmer. It also hasn't chipped since I put it on... 6 days ago! But, I used the Sally Hansen base coat and NYC top coat so that helps. Yeah, these aren't in review form because I didn't feel like writing it out. If you want more in-depth reviews please email me!