June 26, 2008


I was sick and tired of shaving... so I decided to give Nair a try. At first I didn't know which one to buy since they have sooooo many different products. There were lotions, spray-ons, etc. I bought the one that looked the best... lol, which was Nair Pretty Soft Removal Hair spray in soft kiwi.

Product: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

So, it would've been an overall rating of 5/5 except that this product smells... funky. Not bad, but not like a kiwi scent. It also leaves a really weird smell in the room after you have used it. It is also quite a hassle to wait for 4 min... lol, I know I'm impatient... but I usually take a shower and forget to put this on before I go in the shower. So then, I have to get out, spray this on, wait for 4 min before I can get back into the shower. Other than that, I love this product so much. This can only be used on your legs. Nair has other products for other parts... such as facial hair.

How to apply:

1. Hold the nozzle 4 in. away from your legs.
2. Spray an even layer all over your legs.
3. Wait for at least 4 min.
4. Test a small area to see if there is any hair removal.
5. If there isn't, then wait a few more minutes.
6. Wipe off all the foam with a towel
7. Enter the shower or bath and wash legs to remove any hair left.
8. Now you have super smooth legs =)

There isn't a lot of product in the aerosol can, but it can last you about 5x I guess... or maybe I just use a lot?