March 2, 2008

Purses, hobos, totes

Spring is almost here!!! We all want a new bag that will match with our outfits right? Totes and hobo bags are the "in" thing right now. Most girls have a stylish backpack or an Abercrombie or Hollister tote bag that they use at school. Am I right? How many of you wish that you could have one but it's just too expensive for you? Target has really cheap tote bags with some really cute designs, but they might not be big enough to carry all your school books. I would say stick with your a good quality Jansport backpack. If you buy one, it can last you many many many many years!!! I've had mine for 3 years now... and it still looks pretty new.

Now on weekends, you don't want to carry such a big bag around. I saw these amazingly cute hobo bags at Target that aren't too sophisticated for you young gals... they are just right! They are also small and can fit everything you need, like lip gloss, cell phone, gum, ect. I bought the yellow one because I love bright colors and it matches most of my clothing. The best part... it was only $10!!! You could have bought all the different colors and have a purse for every single outfit and be under $100! The colors that I saw on sale were brown, pink, black, yellow, blue, white, rainbow, and green. Each of them come in a certain pattern, you can probably see the patterns at I was really tempted to buy the green one because it's really pretty too, but it didn't match my outfit I was wearing... lol, I know I'm a weird shopper. Now onto the ratings.

Anything else about this bag: It's reversible! So if one side gets dirty, just reverse until that side gets dirty... then wash it! There is a pocket on the pattern side which is not too big. It's a good pocket for smaller items that you don't want to lose in the bigger space. The only thing that keeps the top close is a string, so don't turn it upside down or you'll make a huge mess! I like that it doesn't close because I think it's a hassle to open and close your purse every time you want to take something out.

Size: 5/5 It's a perfect size for the weekend. It's not heavy at all because it's made out of fabric. I can fit everything I want in there and it won't weigh me down.

Top: 5/5 No zippers, no flaps, no magnet things, just a string to close (which i don't think i'll ever use). I like my bags open at all times =)

Price: 5/5 $10!!! Can't get much better than that.

Overall: 5/5 Excellent. I would recommend that everyone has one of these. Even if you only use it as a pool bag or something.