March 6, 2008

More Body Splashes

So I got some more body splashes from bath and body works because they were $2 each!!! You should definitely wait till their major sales come around because paying full price just isn't worth it. I got Pear Blossom, and Cucumber Melon. I also got the Cucumber Melon shower gel, but haven't tried it out yet.

Pear Blossom's Description: "This sparkling scent is a unique blend of sweet pear blossoms, ripe bartlett pear, white peach, and fresh spring air."

Smell: I think that this one has more of a perfume smell. It lasts a much much longer time than the pink grapefruit one and people notice it more. Use this one during the evening and during parties. It doesn't have a fruity smell so don't spray too much!!

Rating: 5/5. I love how it lasts really long and gives me a more fresh smell. Sometimes smelling fresh is better than smelling fruity! Lol.

Cucumber Melon's Description: "Fresh and juicy. Clean and crisp. Cucumber and honeydew melon are a perfect pairing in this cool, collected scent."

Smell: This has to be my absolute favorite body splash!!! It just smells soooooooooooooooooo good, in fact, I can't even describe it!! It does smell like honeydew but I can't find any other words to describe it. It's more of a fresh smell than fruity smell which I love =).

Rating: 5/5 SMELLS TOO GOOD...... Lasts quite a while, but not as long as Pear Blossom.