March 8, 2008

Harper Collins First Look Program for Teens

So a while back I heard about this First Look Program for Teens by Harper Collins. I never got around to signing up until today!! It's really a wonderful program from the looks of it. This program lets you read a book that isn't even selling in stores yet, and then review it for them. They only choose around 25 people to review the book so hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones next month!!! You sign up and then they give you a list of books that they are currently wanting to be reviewed. From this list, you choose a few you like and then tell them why you want to read it. If you are chosen as a reviewer, then they send you the book in the mail and you have a month to read and review it. Everyone should sign up for this program, especially if you are in love with reading =)!

Enjoy!! Heres the link: