February 24, 2008

Sticky lip gloss? Think again!

Don't you just hate sticky lip gloss? I figured out a way to have it not sticky at all! It goes on smooth and stays smooth until you eat or drink something.

1. Apply lip balm on your lips. 3 or 4 coats of it, it needs to be pretty thick. I used this lip balm I got at walmart. Snapple flavor ;) Yum!

2. Then choose your favorite lip gloss, preferably not one with a wand applicator. Then apply a light coat and there you have it. I used Bath and Body Works lip Liplicious lip gloss in Mango Mousse. It shouldn't feel sticky or anything and should last for a while! I've only had to reapply 3x today compared to the 10000000x... lol. You shouldn't have to reapply the lip balm unless it's after meals. Tell me if it works for you!!