April 2, 2009

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil - Hot Red

So there will be a haul video up tomorrow because I don't have time to do it today.
Anyways, I've only used this lip pencil twice because it's really really red; not appropriate for school or casual occasions.

Product: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Price: $3.99 at Ulta

Other Colors it comes in:
Click Here to see all the colors.

Other notes:
It is a wooden lip pencil so it must be sharpened. Because of its jumbo size, it might be hard to find a sharpener big enough but I use the NYC sharpener because it fits both jumbo and regular sized pencils.

My Thoughts:
The texture is amazingly creamy and smooth. It glides on so nicely and evenly too. Since I've only used this twice (Halloween and another time I forget), I've been happy with this product. I think that if you apply it with a lip brush it gives you a lighter shade of the red which looks better on me. I don't like the bright red or dark red that it can be built up to be. I think that this is a wonderful product and cheap too! It has a great color selection but sometimes the swatches on websites can be deceiving. I'd go to Ulta to swatch the colors and then buy them from cherryculture.com because it's cheaper. I recommend this product to everyone!