July 1, 2008

Semi-Annual Sales!

Its that time of year again! Yup, that's right... Semi-Annual Sales galore!!! Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret Beauty Shop have everything 25%-75% off and some good deals!! Since I have so many thing from Bath and Body Works, I limited myself to only two things... how good is that!! I bought body lotion in White Tea and Ginger. The saleslady recommended this one, so I decided to give it a go. I also bought Hello Sugar which is a body wash and shampoo... and the scent... is lemon cookies!! Yay! From Victoria's Secret I also only got two things because I didn't really like anything else. I bought Bare Bronze Liquid Lip Shimmer in Decadent Glow. It's pretty dark, but I love it anyways! It smells like coffee =). Then I bought Beauty Rush Mango Madness double body mist. I've been wanting this for a while and finally got it! I really only bought this for the scent... it's simply amazing! It's like this tropical fruity scent. From Macy's I got a cute ROXY wristlet because my other one is falling apart. I love wristlets because when you don't want to carry your bag/purse around, these are always really easy and light to use. It only $9.50! Expect reviews on these!


Fabu-less Beauty said...

I love Semi Annual Sales...but I'm on a no buy for beauty products..so it will be a no for me. Oh, btw, I re-linked you.

Vanessa said...

cute bag!