July 28, 2008

Fashion Tip - Back to School

So school is just around the corner again and we all want to give a good impression on the first day. Most of us work extra hard to prepare our first day of school outfit. I'm like that too, and this year I'm going to a brand new school and I don't know anyone. Stressful right? I've already chosen my first day of school outfit (which I bought yesterday lol).

The top is actually PJs... but I don't think it looks like pajamas at all. Do you? So it's pretty simple. I might change the jeans to skinny jeans. What do you think? Anyways, the top is a dress that goes about to my mid thigh. I'm wearing a white tank underneath because of the dress code. I have a plain and simple backpack because I don't believe you need a fancy tote bag or whatever for school. I mean come on, it's just to carry books around in. How many people actually take the time to look at everyone else's bag? I haven't found the shoes yet, but I want it similar to those flats up there... or else I'll just wear flip flops. No I don't have a channel wallet lol. I have a plain black wallet... and I really need to get a new one. Gumball bead bracelets, silver hoops, anda headband and I'm good to go =). Comments please! Any suggestions or things you would change?

What is your first day of school outfit for those of you who still go to school?

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