June 1, 2009

Sally Girl Lipstick - Unity and Update

Hey guys I'm back!!! Finals weren't too stressful and I passed with flying colors =). I've taken the last week to just RELAX, let my brain destress from all the information I've crammed into it. Hah.
But it just doesn't feel like summer over here. It has been raining everyday! What is this?! Ugh, I planned to go swimming like everyday. Anxious for my trip to Singapore (I guess you guys can tell because I mention it in every blog post) - June 17th won't come soon enough!

I bought this a while back... I don't quite remember when. It was along with my Sally Girl eyeshadows.

Look how tiny it is!!! Unity is a peachy golden coral color. Quite unique.

Product: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Price: $0.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply

Other Colors it comes in:
Click Here for the colors

What the website claims this lipstick to be:

  • Moisturizing lipstick formula
  • Available in 14 sassy shades
  • Long wearing
  • Smooth application

These fun, mini-lipsticks provide rich, long lasting color to lips in a variety of shades. Moisturizes the lips and protects from environmental damage.

My Thoughts:
For $0.99 I am thoroughly impressed! This lipstick has amazing pigmentation and the color selection isn't too bad. The staying power isn't great, and I have to reapply every few hours. It glides on smoothly but the color is easily displaced. I do love how tiny it is! It can fit anywhere and it isn't a hassle to carry around. This color (Unity) is absolutely gorgeous and it gives my lips a nice golden sheen and coral color. I would definitely buy more of these products and do recommend everyone to try it. I want to try their lip glosses - has anyone tried those before? If so please tell me how you liked it.


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