April 25, 2009

H.I.P Bright Shadow Duo in Flamboyant

I bought this a while ago because I didn't have a yellow or purple eyeshadow so why not get both for the price of one!

So the first on the right is a really nice goldenrod yellow color. It looks kind of like gold dust. The second color on the left is a bright purple color. They are both highly pigmented, but the purple color is hard to work with. The yellow color has a metallic sheen but the purple color is matte. As you can see from the pictures, the duo comes with a mirror on the botton which is great for traveling. Now... for the review!

Product: 4/5
Quality: 3/5
Overall: 4/5
Price: $4-7 at Drugstores

Other Colors it comes in:
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Click Here for the specfic Flamboyant color

There are too many of these duos to list! I want to buy some more... but I never find any colors that appeal to me.

My Thoughts:
I don't find myself picking this up too often, but when I do I always get amazing results! These are colors that I wouldn't wear everyday. I find that when I pair the yellow color over my NYX jumbo eye pencil in French fries, it gives me an amazing neutral look! I shall be wearing that look more often. I actually used this duo to do my homecoming dance look because my dress was purple and it fit so perfectly! The lasting power isn't that strong, but I haven't used it over an eyeshadow base yet so I shall do that when I get the chance. My eyeshadows have been collecting dust in my drawer because I rarely use them in this hot hot weather... I rarely use any makeup for that matter. I have been exercising a lot to get ready for bikini season =P. I won't be buying any makeup for a while because I want to buy some asian products when I go to Singapore! I recommend this product!!